Beauty Industry Report

February 2013

Joico Vice President and General Manager, Sara Jones, began as a hair stylist, then an educator before joining the corporate world, to bring Joico closer to stylists and their needs. BIR checked in with Sara to learn what’s new for 2013.  She tapped into the importance of the new tagline: “Turn Heads.” “It is our new tag line, as well as the umbrella to how we’ll communicate our message to stylists and consumers…Turn Heads provides a voice in which to commercialize our artistry with the masses. It’s every stylist’s goal to provide head turning looks for their clients, and Joico’s vision is to help stylists in their pursuit of this goal. We’ll give them head turning products with stunning packaging that will pop off their retail shelves.” When asked about the new line of 21 stylers, Sara responded, “They’re designed to be used alone or cocktailed together for more versatility. We have incorporated a 0 through 10 hold system, understanding some hair types and styles require minimal control and others need power control. All of the styling products have our new bio-advanced peptide complex in their formulas, so as you use the entire Joico line from shampooing to finishing, you’re getting the healthiest hair possible.”">