Daily Makeover – MAY 2013

May 2013

A recent poll by hair care line Joico found that 69 percent of women report having a “hair fail” that has ruined a photo. To make sure you’re not one of them, learn how to make your hair look good in pictures with these tips from celebrity hairstylist Damien Carney and international fashion photographer Babak.

Eliminate Flyaways
“You look in the mirror and think your hair is tame and in place, but hit those locks with the professional lights and, suddenly, the frizzies and flyaways you didn’t even know you had are in the spotlight,” warns Babak. We’ve noticed even celebrities with perfect hair, like Jennifer Aniston, have this problem once in a while (see above).

Carney recommends using a serum, like Joico K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum by rubbing it between your palms and smoothing it onto the crown of your hair.

Go Easy On The Volumizing Products
“If locks are on the skimpy side, it’s only natural to want to amp things up with volumizing products and a bit of strategic teasing,” Babak says. “While that works beautifully in the real world, you can’t fool the camera.” Light will shine through the spaces that teasing creates, and actually make hair look thinner, he explains.

Instead of creating body with root lifting sprays that will leave the ends looking flat, opt for volumizing shampoos which create all-over body. Carney suggests giving fine hair a “dense, almost compact appearance. Opt for a style that’s flatter and smoother or a stylish updo.”

Go A Little Messy
“A style that’s too done will look severe on camera,” says Babak.

Carney recommends loosening the hair a bit. “Just when you think you’ve styled your hair perfectly…toss your coif around to loosen things up. This last-minute ‘messing’ offers just the right amount of natural movement.”