Piece of Chic – AUGUST 2013

August 16, 2013

This sexy style is absolutely effortless and perfect for both a formal event or a casual dinner. Piece of Chic teamed up with celebrity stylist Mika Fowler to deliver this exclusive hair how-to!

Step 1: Apply Joico’s K-PAK Protect & Shine Serum to protect and seal the cuticle to prevent split ends and frizz.

Step 2: Spray Joico’s Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax on the hair to add some texture and hold.

Step 3: Put the hair in a side bun and secure with a ponytail.

Step 4: Release some hair on the front part of the face and let it frame your face.

Step 5: Create individual braids on the tail of the pony and secure with small ties so the braids stay intact.

Step 6: Coil the braids around the ponytail and bobby pin to create a ‘braided bun’ look.